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Book Packaging & Kitting


packaging-kitting-fulfillmentBecause multiple book packaging or assembly procedures are common in your industry, especially among educational publishers and associations, Ware-Pak offers the flexibility needed to accommodate different customer requirements within a multi-client warehouse environment. Systems also allow Ware-Pak to assemble, reliably and accurately, any "kits" required by the customer.

By giving the kit and each item in the kit a SKU or ISBN number, Ware-Pak is able to meet the needs of publishers who send kits, containing several inventory items, out to market. Making sure each kit is assembled properly is critical to the success of educational publishers and retailers who often request a specific order to aid placement on retail shelves and ease the assembly of any promotional materials or point-of-purchase displays.

Special Projects

After serving the publishing industry for nearly 50 years, Ware-Pak knows that success begins at the point of purchase. Whatever it takes to help your marketing unit sell more books, Ware-Pak has the experience, technology and resources to help. While the range of special projects that come our way can vary greatly from client to client, one or more of the following services are often required.

  • Fabrication, assembly or distribution of a unique Point-of-Purchase display
  • Applying attention-getting stickers, bands or wraps
  • Inspecting thousands of books to find any known errors

Ware-Pak knows their success depends on their ability to respond promptly and efficiently to these special projects and any marketing-related need a publisher may have. We are always prepared to provide a prompt cost estimate and our experienced staff can respond to a special project on a moment’s notice.