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If You Can’t Measure,

You Can’t Manage

With a 170,000 square foot distribution facility, more than 13,000 pallet locations and over 45,000 SKUs managed daily, Ware-Pak has the warehousing solutions leading brands demand.

Warehouse Management

Every pallet that comes through Ware-Pak’s doors is assigned one pallet ID for as long as it is in our warehouse. All movement of product is done efficiently, in real-time, through our radio frequency (RF) system.

Inventory Management

Ware-Pak customers benefit from greater inventory accuracy, faster, more streamlined warehousing operations, optimal space utilization and industry-leading employee productivity.

Team Tracking

By tracking team members throughout the day, leaders direct employees from one line to another based on the number of open orders. Sorting by time requirement enables us to meet the appropriate carrier’s pickup time.

Order Management

Order management technology provides maximum flexibility and uninterrupted visibility of inventory and orders, including support of on-demand and scheduled order release as well as pre-release review.

Reporting & Analytics

With real-time dashboard metrics, flexible reporting, formatting and labeling and robust integration, Ware-Pak technology eases decision making and achieves greater efficiency at every level of its operation.

Location Matters

In third party fulfillment, location will have a direct impact your business and your bottom line, enabling you to increase customer satisfaction and dramatically reduce transportation costs.

Ware-Pak’s central Midwest location often yields overall savings of 5% to 7%!