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World Class Service

and Support

As experts in fulfillment and distribution, your company can rest assured that Ware-Pak has the technology, experience and talent to manage your distribution needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team is prepared to ship by any carrier in order to distribute your products in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


Our prime location in Chicago’s suburbs enable Ware-Pak to get your products to nearly 60% of the US population; to more than 80% of the US population with 3 days and to more than 99% of the US population within 4 days. This saves real money and also reduces the amount of fuel required to deliver products to end customers.

Pick and

Ware-Pak offers the flexibility needed to accommodate varied customer requirements within a multi-client warehouse environment. By using mobile barcode scanners to validate orders during the picking and packing process, we ensure accuracy and reliability throughout assembly, packaging and distribution.

Inventory Management

Outsourcing to Ware-Pak will provide your organization with greater control over inventory and streamlines your warehousing operations. By keeping handling to a minimum, you benefit from optimal space utilization, greater employee productivity and lower costs. Real-time updates enable you to make critical decisions faster.


With new competitive challenges coming to the surface each and every day, too many companies are focused on increasing sales. Today, the fact is that returns processing is just as important as generating initial sales. After decades of experience, you can be assured that Ware-Pak will minimize waste while maximizing customer service on your behalf.

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

From receiving and inspection to email order fulfillment, outsourcing e-commerce order fulfillment to Ware-Pak gives you more control over your supply chain so that you can focus on your other needs. From simple business to consumer orders to more complex B2B orders, Ware-Pak has the experience to provide a seamless fulfillment experience.

Unequaled Performance

Proven experience in all departments has enabled Ware-Pak to achieve record performance year after year, with 90% of all orders shipped the same day they are received, 98% of all orders shipped within 24 hours and 85% of all returns processed the same day – all with 99.7% order fulfillment accuracy.

Experience Matters

After more than 50 years of service, Ware-Pak knows your success depends on your ability to control inventory, streamline product storage, assemble, distribute and process returns efficiently.