12 Oct

Keeping Our Company Culture Top-of-Mind

We recently discussed the good things that have followed a decision by ownership to focus on improving a work environment that impeded our progress for far too many years. Lower turnover, less stress, stronger relationships with customers and co-workers are just a few areas that have changed for the better. To help others, we’re taking a deeper dive into the cultural changes that have made Ware-Pak a more fun and rewarding place to be.

Culture Is Not “Rocket Science”

Perhaps the most important thing we’ve discovered is that making the decision to improve our company culture was not rocket science. It will continue to take work for sure but more than anything, it takes commitment and perseverance.

Creating a healthy, fun, shared attitude towards work doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something everyone must focus on continuously and work at daily. The important word is “shared” – meaning that everyone must be involved. From outgoing individuals who are anxious to share an idea to those whose only concern is doing their best work each day, everyone needs to take ownership in the culture that exists within their workplace. Here are a few of the steps we’ve taken to improve our work environment.

Everyone Needs to Pitch In

From our President to our custodial staff, everyone must dedicate themselves to doing their best work and to helping others when the situation calls for it. It’s a great way to boost quality and foster teamwork at the same time.

Music Stirs the Soul

Ware-Pak provides snacks like popcorn one day a week and ice cream or popsicles when its particularly hot. Music is also encouraged, whether through personal earbuds, a shared Bluetooth speaker or by singing along. After all, music is the universal language.

Cook Up Some Fun

For those who love to cook or share a favorite recipe, Ware-Pak will buy the ingredients so that a warehouse associate can cook their special dish for the entire company. This results not only in great food, but great fun as well.

Balance Work and Life

Recognizing that time away from work is very important to all employees, Ware-Pak updates shifts to boost efficiency and minimize time away from family. By offering paid and unpaid time off, many employees are able to take a month or more off to visit family in other countries, knowing that their position will be here when they return.

Care for One Another

These things have helped Ware-Pak create a sense of community where family members can work together, and lasting friendships are made. When possible, Ware-Pak also donates used furniture or equipment in good condition to employees or schools that need help. And, personal loans or savings accounts are provided to employees who need financial assistance.

These sorts of actions are not complex or costly. They are the product of good people who are dedicated to doing their best work, who want to be appreciated for the good work they do, and who enjoy helping their co-workers – people who continue to Make Every Day a Great Day!

Located in University Park, IL, Ware-Pak’s combination of technology, talent and positive company culture continues to create great days for employees and customers after more than 60 years. To learn more, please contact us.