Shipping Services
08 Mar

Helping Associations Lower Shipping Costs

Why are some associations seeing their shipping costs go down while others continue to experience annual increases? As a leader in warehousing and third-party fulfillment, Ware-Pak knows the value of helping associations obtain the best available shipping prices. Consistent cost savings can only be achieved when technology, location and experience are reinforced with a commitment to consistently exceed customer expectations. That’s been the Ware-Pak way since its founding more than 60 years ago!

Data Makes a Difference

Nearly a decade ago, Ware-Pak made a commitment to build market share in the association space. Rather than searching for prospective association clients, we focused on enhancing our service to existing association customers. After closely examining our service offerings, we realized how much money we could save our customers by continuously renegotiating shipping rates based on our overall volumes. We have worked closely with UPS over the last four consecutive years to monitor Ware-Pak’s aggregate shipping volumes across all accounts and increase our incentives and discounts, of which 100% are passed along to our customers. In August of 2023, Ware-Pak worked with UPS on an analysis of 2023 year-to-date total shipping costs versus projected 2024 costs for every customer we service. The results of this shipping data analysis showed tremendous savings for every Ware-Pak customer who ships with UPS.

The Savings Can Be Enormous

These efforts resulted in significant savings for every association Ware-Pak serves. So much savings, in fact, that by renegotiating with UPS, we’ve enabled one large association customer in the medical field to lower their shipping costs enough to cover more than 100% of the fees associated with picking and order handling. The shipping analysis of data from only 8 months of 2023 showed that UPS discounts covered all fees for picking and order handling and yielded additional savings of $40,000 per month for the association customer. What could your association do with an extra $40,000 per month?

Even Small Shippers Save Big

By discovering a value-driven, contract-only solution called UPS SurePost®, Ware-Pak has also delivered significant cost savings to associations that ship small, lightweight packages to domestic residential addresses. Associations can benefit from a lower cost shipping solution for these types of shipments that combines the speed and reliability of the UPS Ground network with USPS delivery to all residential locations within the contiguous United States.

Challenging the Status Quo

In an environment where annual 5% to 6% increases in shipping costs have become commonplace, it’s easy to understand why associations want to review their fulfillment with Ware-Pak! If your association hasn’t received an in-depth shipping analysis recently, its time you reached out to Ware-Pak. We’ll take you through the steps necessary to obtain a no-cost, no-obligation comparison and if you choose, we’ll provide you with our exclusive 3PL RFP Preparation guide.

Should your Association decide to begin a third-party fulfillment partnership with Ware-Pak, your organization will benefit from our experience and our steady growth in aggregate shipping volume.

Located in University Park, IL, Ware-Pak’s combination of technology, talent and positive company culture continues to create great days for employees and customers after more than 60 years. To learn more, please contact us.