31 Aug

Giving Our Culture a Check-Up

If you’re like many of us at Ware-Pak, you might wish you had a dollar for every time you heard someone say their best source of new business is “word of mouth.” That may very well be true, but it’s also true that while the positive reviews and referrals every organization strives to earn exist out in the marketplace, their roots stem from the culture that’s created and nurtured inside your workplace. After working hard to improve our company culture over the past several years, all of us at Ware-Pak are proud to say we’ve learned that the hard way!

Cultural Change Takes Time

Management can introduce new policies and talk till they’re blue in the face but that seldom results in immediate change. When it comes to changing workplace culture, actions speak louder than words. People have to see change taking place not only among their co-workers but at the top of the organization as well. They need to feel change happening as people become more engaged in their work and their work environment. They need to see and hear positive change in the attitudes of others as more and more people begin to dig in and make good things happen. These things take time.

Relationships Change Too

When workplace culture becomes more positive, the benefits accrue not only to team members but to customers and suppliers as well. It’s been a joy for us to see team members greet one another with a smile and a genuine concern for the well-being of one another. This has spilled over to people outside our organization as well. Listening to our customers and working to go the extra mile on their behalf has changed customer relationships to valued partnerships that everyone at Ware-Pak appreciates. Vendors and suppliers go out of their way to help us, aware of our promise to provide the finest, most efficient third-party fulfillment services.

Winning is Contagious

Making the commitment to change our focus from finding the next customer to taking great care of existing customers was the best decision Ware-Pak has made in decades. Our workplace environment has become happy, open, and transparent. Replacing two shifts with one longer but consistent workday has enabled our team members to learn more, do more and enjoy their time away from work more. While creating a positive workplace culture is a journey we will always be on, we’re proud to say that our efforts have eliminated much of the stress that existed in our previous work environment. It’s the reason for our team’s motto… Make every day a great day!

Located in University Park, IL, Ware-Pak’s combination of technology, talent and positive company culture continues to create great days for employees and customers after more than 60 years. To learn more, please contact us.