27 Jun

Technology and Talent: A Winning Combination

While a recent social post chronicled our 1998 transition from pen and paper to our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and RF Barcode scanners, these technologies are just part of what it takes to provide logistics support to authors and book publishers. In addition to cutting edge technology, Ware-Pak depends on experienced, professional staff to ensure that each order is processed efficiently and accurately.

Consistent Quality Control

To maintain quality control, Ware-Pak uses inventory management systems to track inventory, monitor stock continuously and minimize the impact of any supply chain disruptions that may occur. Our highly trained warehouse operators use handheld barcode scanners and wireless network communication to make reliable logistics information available to customers in real time.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

WMS technology enables Ware-Pak to manage inventory efficiently. From the moment an order is placed, team members pick, pack and ship with precision and care. Our centrally located suburban Chicago warehouse controls costs by minimizing the distance your products have to travel. These resources and capabilities enable Ware-Pak to ship 90% of all orders on the same day they are received and 98% of all orders within 24 hours of receipt. With a level of fulfillment accuracy holding steady at 99.97%, our team ensures that virtually all customers receive their orders on time and in excellent condition.

A Seamless Customer Experience

We strive to create a seamless experience for customers looking to purchase and receive their books as efficiently as possible. This means streamlining the ordering, processing and shipping of books to ensure that customer expectations are met or exceeded. In contrast to traditional book buying, expert fulfillment services help publishers avoid inventory shortages and shipping delays. Fast, effortless returns are another very important part of the order fulfillment process. Our dedication to industry-leading customer satisfaction is evident in our ability to process more than 4 of every 5 product returns on the same day they are received.

Located in University Park, IL, Ware-Pak’s combination of technology and talent continues to create great days for authors and book publishers after more than 60 years. To learn more, please contact us.