25 May

Location is Only the Beginning

From its humble beginnings in a borrowed corner of a Chicago printing facility in 1963, Ware-Pak would meet the challenges of growth by relocating 3 times in 5 years. First to a facility on Van Buren Street in Chicago, then to a building at the corner of Damen & Hastings on Goose Island and eventually to 1000 N. Ogden Avenue in 1968.

In 1971, Ware-Pak opened a second facility in southwest suburban Alsip, operating from two facilities until 1986 when it would consolidate operations and purchase its current building in University Park, IL. Four years later, confident in the convenience and accessibility of their suburban Chicago location, Ware-Pak built an additional 70,000 square foot warehouse exclusively to serve the needs of Better Homes & Gardens, its very first customer.

Location Matters

Ware-Pak’s warehouse in Chicago’s south suburbs is strategically located to provide efficient service to customers shipping items anywhere in the U.S. and beyond. Nearly two-thirds of products reach their destination within 2 days and 99% of products arrive within 4 days. Our Midwest location not only saves time and money but also reduces the amount of fuel required to get products in the customer’s hands.

No Substitute for Experience

Location means little without experienced people to get the job done. With expertise in every facet of inventory management and order processing, Ware-Pak ensures 90% of all orders ship on the same day they are received and 98% ship within 24 hours. And while new sales are the lifeblood of every business, nothing is more important than customer retention. To this end, Ware-Pak processes 85% of all product returns on the day they are received.

Record Performance Year After Year

Streamlined warehousing operations and optimal space utilization enable Ware-Pak to track customers’ inventory with unparalleled ease and accuracy. Order management technology provides unequaled flexibility along with uninterrupted visibility of inventory and orders. In a world where the success of your brand depends on the accuracy and efficiency of your third-party order fulfillment service, Ware-Pak has the capacity, technology, and experience to consistently achieve 99.97% fulfillment accuracy – a level of performance to make every day a great day for your business and your customers.

Ware-Pak is a full service warehouse located in University Park, IL with 60 years of book and product fulfillment and order fulfillment experience. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.